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Dear Visitor!
Dear Students, Guests, Colleagues and Honored Artists!

The Graphic Department’s plan has come true, by realizing the combination of graphic artists as a community. It gives us much pleasure that the graphical students of the Hungarian University of Fine Arts (thanks to the initiation of students) have been teamed up to launch the web interface of Graphic Arts which offering new opportunities.
In fact it means that they created a well-functioning, professional „family model”, utilizes the technical possibilities of our time, tries and gives the latest information in various ways about the student’s works, the domestic and international events of art, in a wide and proper sense of the traditional and contemporary artistic graphic and interdisciplinary connections of contemporary printmaking. It can also be used every day. The was made – in hope that the website will give assistance for the students who learn graphic arts in higher education, for professional classes and their contemporaries, as well as those who want to impress the evolution and progress of contemporary art because they take their profession seriously.
But what is this assistance about?
The editors attempt to represent the student’s works, in addition to the contribution of publishing monographs and interviews. By the help of the website the visitors can get information about relevant educational issues, professional programs, the entrance examination and the facilities of the Erasmus program as well. Beyond that the readership can find news about professional events, they get an insight into technical materials and documentations.
According to our plans we intend to follow professional careers of students who have already graduated from MKE, furthermore we aim to cooperate with other departments and institutions, trade occas. Of course it needs the improvement of the website’s content with activities of our redundant and various events from our professional life, reproductions of our artworks, news informations about applications and exhibitions, improvement with our individual achievement’s honours, in other words the opportinity of making all that our students consider important in this forum common.
The volunteered team of the waits for the cooperation of those who would join us helpfully with immediacy and confidence, who would willingly share advices and ideas in order to be more active and efficient in the interest of the publishing the whole graphic profession, valued works and achievements.
I would also like to say thanks for the developers and those who participate in our professional success with their pursuit and contribution! On the chance of the long and productive progress I am glad to support the „cooperation of the Graphic Arts” and I am pleased to introduce the!

Mihály Munkácsy award-winner artist
Senior lecturer
HUFA – Graphic Department