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In the turbulent reality surrounding the majority of people or in an isolated part of our world everyone can feel lonely. This feeling can touch us at various stages of our life and with different intensities depending on each of us. Some cannot escape it; others barely remark it. Contrary to what one might think, this state of mind does not isolate us from others. The loneliness exists only when it is confronted with “something” or “someone”. At the moment when we feel lonely, consciously or not, we relate to someone else, thus we are connected to them. Solitude is an illusion, with which the invited artists confront their audience. The gallery LATARKA of the Polish Institute of Budapest invites the public for the exhibition SOLITUDE IS A DELUSION. The opening of the exhibition will takes place the 22th of march 2017 at 7pm.

The curators of the exhibition, Tomasz Piars and Kaja Werbanowska, have invited twelve artists for this project. In going to this exposition we discover the works of five Polish and seven Hungarian artists. This international cooperation, being one of the distinguished features of the gallery, has as a goal to open an artistic dialogue between the different artists of the young generation. The Galeria Promocyjna, whose curator is Kaja Werbanowska, also organise exhibitions with the main purpose of promoting the works of novice artists. The gallery located in the heart of the Old Town in Warsaw, has encouraged the creative activity of young and talented artists since 1956. Actually it is in this gallery that the Polish artists, whose works will be displayed in LATARKA Gallery, had their own exhibition in the year 2015/2016.

The Polish artists presented in this exhibition have a common academic foundation. They all graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts, in Warsaw or in Gdańsk, with a specialization in painting. Going to this exhibition the viewer will have the opportunity to admire large-format paintings. Despite using the same support, the way of interpreting and depicting the world, and thus solitude, is different between the artists. Painting is one of their common features, however in everyday life these artists also use other techniques, like for example photography, graphics, glazing or mosaic. Some of them have also graduated from other disciplines, underlining the multi-faceted aspect of their works and their curiosity towards the world. The latter being their inspiration and point of reference. They question the solitude surrounding them in different ways; presenting the excess, repeating the same motives contrasting with the individual and depicting the crowd where the person can feel (not truly) lost. Others are using nature as a point of reflection or include allusive words in their paintings. The artists, born between 1986 and 1989, are linked with the same contemporary world, from which different visions have, however, emerged; visions that we have the pleasure of discovering.

author Anna Michalak


The exhibition is open until the 22th of April and is part of the program of Budapest ART WEEK’17.


PL Katarzyna Dyjewska, Leszek Margasiński, Marta Nadolle, Magdalena Pela, Agnieszka Zabrodzka

HU Dobó Bianka, Esse Bánki Ákos, Háth Nóra, Horváth Dániel, Kiss Botond, Oberfrank Luca, Kazsik Marcell

Curators: Kaja Werbanowska, Tomasz Piars

LATARKA Gallery, Andrássy út 32.